Assault Rifle Gallery

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Welcome to our Custom Camouflage Assault Rifle Gallery!  This gallery holds some examples of what we can do for your Assault Rifle. Military style camouflages, including NWU, BDU, Flecktarn, MultiCam, CADPAT, MARPAT, ERDL, M90, Chocolate Chip, DPM, OCP, to name a few. Also more traditional hunting style patterns such as Marsh, Woodland, Twig. 

We here at Rocky Mountain Tactical Coatings do our best to turn your dreams into reality. 

We are here to customize your personal weapon system for whatever environment we can add accessories and upgrades too!. 

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Why bright colored themes cost a little more(click here)

Welcome to our Custom Design Gallery. If you see something you like lets us know, if you like the design we can change the colors as needed. Maybe you have something else in mind, then let's figure it out.. We are here to customize your personal weapon system. Need a Quote? Click here Now!
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